Communication A Strategic Business Partner

As a result of the 13th Assembly feedback, the AESE Alumni Group, is developing a Continuity complementary model of Sessions aimed to give training to its participants.

It is a workshop format, called Link_ @ AESE, which aims to study a subject and develop an action plan to deepen particular aspects related to it. The first session was about “Organizational Communication” because it is considered one important business’s strategic issue.

To develop this theme, the AESE Alumni Group had the collaboration of Alumni Vera Norte (23.º PDE) and Luis Roberto (38.º PADE), experts in the field, to structure the session, and identify the pillars in which the Organizational communication best practices are based: the Internal and External communication role in the company, its impact on the various stakeholders, the advantage of establish an interconnection with the strategic plan, and the communication importance in the organizations reputation.

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