Achieving More Effectively

The AESE Alumni Group organized the second link_@AESE “Organizational Communication” workshop, this time dedicated to “Internal Communication - achieving more effectively”. A theme coming from the 1st meeting conclusions.

With its genesis in the Alumni Meeting 2014, the link_ @ AESE initiative aims to facilitate the gathering of various editions and generations of Alumni, to discuss in small groups, solutions fiting the participant’s companies reality.

Based on each other experiences and directed by moderators, the link_ @ AESE, in a workshop format, aims to find the best approache to solve specific problems and challenges.

In the first link_ @ AESE "Organizational Communication" workshop, held last March 23 were identified some of the best Organizational Communication practices: The Internal and External Communication Role in the company, awareness among the different stakeholders, the advantage in establishing interconnections with the strategic plans and its importance to the organizations reputation; and proposed solutions and practical approaches to this themes.

This second workshop had, like in the first edition, the Alumni Vera Norte (23 PDE) and Luis Roberto (38 PADE) collaboration.

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