Comunicatorium is a consultant company of organizational communication, with broad competencies, offering to his clients a global and integrated approach.

Pedro Penalva – EN

“Good communication is a critical factor, fundamental to the success of any organization. Communication is present in every moment of our day-to-day, always with a focus: the transmission of a message to a receiver, ensuring a full and complete understanding of the content and scope of the message.

Communication training for Leadership was important, especially for the work carried out by the groups on a specific AON case. “

Pedro Penalva

João Reis – EN

“In a world of constant transformation, where technology has revolutionized the exchange of information between people and institutions, through the creation of new powerful channels, it is fundamental that companies and organizations adjust their communication to this reality.

As such, I consider that a methodology that requires a thorough diagnosis of the processes and elements that define the profile of the communication, which requires the involvement of all sectors of the organization, incorporating their needs, and containing metrics for compliance of the Communication Plan and its evolution, constitutes an important asset for the achievement of the objectives of this organization. “

João Reis
APETRO – Associação Portuguesa das Empresas Petrolíferas

Isabel Viçoso – EN

“Finding a workshop, an event that made the difference and that was effective, was the challenge launched by LogiC to the Comunicatorium.
We are in a moment of great growth and the importance of a cohesive and focused team, both in individual and global challenges of the company, is decisive.
Raul Orofino’s emotional intelligence workshop, was surely the best proposal, a very disruptive and striking approach. A training not so academic but more experimental, in which one gets good tools both in professional and personal life.
With Comunicatorium I am pleased with these good solutions, adapted to the current needs of the companies, and that are attentive to the market and with news, if we want to be different, we have to do different. “

Isabel Viçoso
LogiC, Logística Integrada SA

Inês Ferreira – EN

“Working with Comunicatorium has helped us in a phase of integration and change. Organizational communication in the process of change is fundamental for success and hence the importance of the training of our management team in this area. “

Inês Ferreira
Responsável de Comunicação e Marketing

Margarida Vieira Martins – EN

“The use of the Comunicatorium Platform enabled us to diagnose, analyze, define and plan communication in a different and innovative way. Diagnosis helped us to verify areas where sometimes in a smaller structures there is a tendency to not give so much importance. Another aspect to highlight is the of stakeholders analysis, which allowed us to think and define better which stakeholders should be involved and why. “

Margarida Vieira Martins
Coordenadora de Comunicação e Relações Públicas
Fundação Infantil Ronald McDonald

Mariana Canto e Castro – EN

“Randstad and Comunicatorium jointly developed a challenging diagnostic project on internal communication; through interactive workshops where simulation methodologies, case studies, world cafés, etc., a very representative part of our company was able to express opinions, present concrete proposals, formulate scenarios and actively contribute to what was intended: path of excellence.

This partnership was essential to kick-off this process! Thank you Luis and Vera for your work as facilitators and for all the value you added. “

Mariana Canto e Castro
Human Resources Director / Legal Department Director
Randstad Portugal