The Communication Program for Social Economy was specifically developed for the Institutions and Organizations of the sector, and its objectives are:

  • Establish the alignment around the importance of communication in the success of Social Economy entities
  • Empower participants through communication techniques and the use of tools to support the construction of their communication strategy and plan
  • Knowing good practices for effective communication

The Training Program consists of 4 phases:

  1. Training
    • The importance of communication in the Institutions
    • Image and Reputation
    • Stakeholders
    • The communication strategy
    • The Role of Management
    • Digital and offline communication | Presence on the Internet and Social Networks
    • Key Messages
    • Public Speaking | Speech and writing communication
    • Presentation techniques | PACK
  2. Communication Consulting and Diagnosis
  3. Communication Strategy and Communication Plan
  4. Consulting and Support

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