Developed in partnership with the University of Aveiro, the Comunicatorium platform is a communication management tool.

A digital platform developed on the methodology and the model "Comunicatorium", integrated by a set of services of implementation support.

Comunicatorium platform provides an innovative response to the needs of organizations, helping them in structuring the communication strategy and creating the integrated communication plan.

The Comunicatorium Platform consists of 4 Modules.

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The Diagnosis Module allows a quantitative analysis of the organization communication current stage, through the collection of information from the different areas of internal and external intervention.
The Comunicatorium analysis supported by communication best management practices, also allows the assessment and the respective mitigation actions, their timing and follow-up


The Communication Strategy Module allows a structured guidance in defining the guidelines for the communication strategy and its lines, based on the Comunicatorium Methodology (CCR model). The Stakeholder analysis results are also included in this module.


The Communication Management Module is based on the Comunicatorium model, allows an accurate management of human and financial resources allocated to each Communication initiative in this module we measure the achievements, by defining key performance indicators and respective improvement actions.


The Communication Planning Module enables the creation and management of the integrated communication plan based on the approved strategic lines.
The communication plan is build by identification of objectives and communication goals, key messages by stakeholder groups, communication channels and the initiatives timelines.
The human and financial resources allocation, together with a set of analyzes and periodic reports, also constitute the main features of this module.