Why internal communication?

We chose internal communication as the theme for the April Newsletter. Why? Because long gone are the time when internal communication has as its main responsibility the events management in organizations. In later years, the companies have been making a strong commitment to their employees, believing that integrated and motivated teams reinforce the company's reputation.

Even in times of uncertainty caused by restructuring processes and adjustments, internal communication creates the confidence and the necessary unity to make stronger and more successful teams.

Because speaking today of internal communication is vital to have a strategic alignment with the business objectives that are intended to be reached, where each employee knows exactly the importance of their contribution to the organization’s success.

Because speaking today of internal communication necessarily implies that we do it in a transparent and coherent way, encouraging employee involvement through individual and collective practices, stimulating integration and inspiring participation in the organization’s life.

Because speaking today of internal communication is talking about the digital era and the new communication models, responsible for new forms of interaction. It's talking about brand ambassadors, human capital and ethical values. It is to speak of the organizational culture, ... it is, in short, to speak of internal communication strategy.

Comunicatorium announces new partnerships

Following our Partnership policy, we welcome the entry of two new partners in the Comunicatorium space. White Brand Services and Epoch Multimedia. The partnership with WHITE arises in a context of complementary services in order to better serve our clients.
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Comunicatorium and The Chamber of Commerce organize good practices session

The "A2A Know How & Good Practices" session was held at the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was dedicated to the effectiveness of Communication.
To know the 6 steps to follow and measure the quantitative results generated by the business communication actions, based on the indicators…
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I National Marketing and Communication Forum

Comunicatorium joined the first National Marketing and Communication Forum, a LIDE Marketing & communication comité initiative of LIDE Portugal - Group of Business Leaders, which brought together academics, CEOs, marketing and communication directors from some of the most ...
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