“This Tool is Fundamental …”

Cais Association, Ronald McDonald Children's Association, North Life Association and Afid Difference Foundation were the four institutions covered in april this year by the program "enabling the social economy in communication" in a partnership with the montepio foundation and the communicatorium, in which scope has been made available , the technological communication management platform, the first in the portuguese market developed by the consultant Comunicatorium and the University of Aveiro.

In a session held on December 7 at the Atmosphere M, in Lisbon, the institutions analyzed the results obtained with the use of the Comunicatorium Platform, as well as the Communication knowledge and skills acquired over 8 months of work.
In the session where each organization was represented, Margarida Vieira Martins, from Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation said that the project forced them to think about communication differently.

"For us it was an extraordinary and very important exercise" said Conceição Cordeiro, CAIS Executive Director who added, "We have made communication going behind the projects, the Platform has made us stop to think. For the first time we will have a management meeting dedicated exclusively to the communication subject".
In the “North Life”, Mafalda Teixeira Bastos, Communication and Fundraising responsible said, "It started as a “bogeyman”, has become a challenge and today is a tool viewed with enormous enthusiasm." Mafalda also highlighted the new concepts learned that are not normally used by the Third Sector and the fact that now they have the communication integrated with the organization's strategy.

For the AFID Foundation President, communication is seen by this institution as one of the most important organizational issues, namely in the area of people management. Domingos Rosa concluded "This tool is fundamental to improve the system".

Paula Guimarães, Montepio Foundation Director, responsible for the program's financial support said "We are very pleased that this support has met the institutions needs and also with the choice we have made for this pilot project."

Vera Norte and Luís Roberto, the Comunicatorium founders are hoping that other institutions will join the front group in this Communication Training for Social Economy program in a partnership that will continue next year.

About Montepio Foundation

The Montepio Foundation, a public utility organization, established in 1995 by Montepio Geral - Mutual Benefits Association, plays a key role in establishing partnerships and granting support to the Third Sector and has the social solidarity, the aid attitude in favor of inclusion, social cohesion and development.
It aims to promote the mutualism and social economy, assuming itself as the responsible entity for conducting the Montepio external social responsibility and the realization of a sustainable development integrated approach.

About Comunicatorium

Founded by Vera Norte and Luís Roberto, the Comunicatorium is a communication consultant and the first player in the Portuguese market to provide an organizational communication management technology platform, developed in partnership with the Aveiro University.
With a well-defined philosophy and an innovative methodology, the Comunicatorium answers businesses needs with specialized formation and consultant communication services.