The Portuguese–China Chamber of Commerce and Industry and COMUNICATORIUM are partners

The Portuguese–China Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Comunicatorium ,the communication consulting company that developed the innovative Plataform Comunicatorium, signed a partnership agreement.

The purpose is to promote the consultation services to the chamber members and other entities with a special emphasis on the Chinese community in order to contribute for their establishment in the Portuguese market . The Comunicatorium Platform was developed together with Aveiro University and the software company MicroY/O to give an innovative answer to companies that want to manage their communication aligned with the business and the company culture.

The platform supports all organizations to make a data analysis diagnosis , to choose the best communications strategy and to manage the communication plan in an integrated way and with the measurements in place in order to evaluate the communication results.

Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Luso-Chinesa (CCILC), cuja fundação reporta a 1978, é a principal entidade privada de apoio ao desenvolvimento do relacionamento económico e comercial entre Portugal e a República Popular da China, procurando fomentar e facilitar a interação entre empresas e instituições dos dois países.


The Portuguese–China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC), was founded in 1978 and is the main private entity supporting the development of the economic and commercial relationship between Portugal and China , facilitating the interaction among companies from both countries. In its activity the chamber develops a group of services from external commerce to investment , supporting the internationalization , giving consultancy, promoting networking through the organization of events and giving assistance on translations or other interpretation services.

CCILC is an imporant platform for the companies of both countries to develop their comercial activities and investmnts in a more eficient , informed and safe way.

“We believe that cooperation between entities is key for the economic development of the Chinese companies in Portugal being communication a critical success factor in all the process” - says Luis Roberto , co-founder of Comunicatorium.

“If communication is key for any organization is even more important for the ones coming to a new country”, says Vera Norte co-founder of Comunicatorium

CCILC gives major importance to the establishment of partnerships with entities that are a reference members of the association in China and in Portugal , providing to their members qualified and professional support in different areas, promoting new business opportunities Members have discounts and privileges in all services and are priority when any information related to their activity is requested to CCILC.

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