Platform Comunicatorium is in Web Summit … jumping to internationalization

In the market since 2014 , the consultancy company Comunicatorium developed in partnership with Universidade de Aveiro a new and innovative product : Platform Comunicatorium.

Being a digital tool and being unique in the market , it has as main objective to help and support organizations to manage their communication independently of their size or sector.

Technology is driving communication and with this platform there is an innovative way to help organizations diagnosing and building their communication strategy based on their business needs
Chosen as one of the 150 Portuguese startup´s to be present in the web summit the Comunicatorium Platform is preparing the its internationalization.

“Taking part of this event at global scale is for us a big added value and a push forward to our internationalization” says Vera Norte.

“The contacts we had so far are increasing our expectations for this next step“ added Luis Roberto.