Montepio foundation partnership

The Montepio Foundation and Comunicatorium signed on 11 April a cooperation protocol.

The goal is to promote the sharing of knowledge and cooperation between the social economy entities, contributing to their capacitation and organizational communication skills development.

The Comunicatorium platform was created from a partnership with Aveiro University Micro / IO and comes to be an innovative response to companies needs, helping them building an integrated and effective communication strategy, adapted to the reality and organizational culture.

The Platform helps organizations develop their diagnosis, choose the best strategies, build and manage their integrated communication plan, creating metrics and quantifiable instruments to operationalize concepts, evaluate actions, develop goals and verify compliance.

Over the next year, CAIS, McDonalds Foundation, VIDA NORTE and Afid Foundation are the four institutions covered by this partnership. The program will be funded by Montepio Foundation.

"We believe that sharing knowledge and cooperation between organizations, ensuring capacitation and training are key development factors, being organizational communication one priority area" said Luis Roberto, Comunicatorium Senior Founder. "And as important for any organization, they assume a greater relevance for organizations working in the social economy, facing increased challenges" explains Vera Norte, Company’s Founder Partner. "Provide skills and empower the social economy organizations is one of Montepio Foundation main goals, so we believe a lot in this project" said Paula Guimarães, Montepio Foundation Director


The Montepio Foundation, a public utility organization, established in 1995 by Montepio Geral - Mutual Benefit Association, plays a key role in establishing partnerships and granting support to the third sector and has the social solidarity, the aid attitude in favor of inclusion, social cohesion and development, goal and vocation.
It aims to promote the mutualism and social economy, assuming itself as the responsible entity for conducting the Montepio external social responsibility and the implementation of a sustainable development integrated approach.


Founded by Vera Norte and Luis Roberto, former Multinational Tetra Pak and BP communication responsible, the Comunicatorium is the first player in the Portuguese market to provide a collection and analysis information technology platform, developed in partnership with the Aveiro University, which allows any organization a quickly and effectively developed strategy and an integrated communications plan.