Industry 4.0 – Accelerating Digital Transformation

With the subject; "Accelerate Digital Transformation in Small and Medium Size Companies ", a breakfast to entrepreneurs was held on May 17 , hosted by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lisbon. In this iniciative were present the secretary of State of Industry; João Vasconcelos, Joaquim Falcão de Lima; manager at Brisa, Pedro Guedes de Oliveira; representing Forum for Digital Competences and Rute Medo from Santander Totta bank.

We believe that digital transformation is crucial to all organization’s success and can be an extraordinary advantage for small and medium companies. Underlining the Secretary of State for Industry words, Portugal today is living an industrial revolution having all the conditions to be victorious.

Comunicatorium also invested in digital and customized solutions to each costumer reality and has launched in the market a digital platform which main objective is to contribute to a more effective (measuring results) communication in companies aligned with the business’s goals.