Comunicatorium participates in My Career 2016 promoted by Catholic University Lisbon

The Comunicatorium was one of the companies invited by catholic university Lisbon to hold a workshop to promote good value student practices. “being brand ambassador”, your profile, the contribution to the organization and the role of employees as brand ambassadors, were some of the topics in this session.

Inserted in My Career 2016, various national companies and other entities organized on 16th February 20 workshops with the goal of strengthen awareness of what it means investing in future professionals. The laboratory profile workshops served as a place of simulation and concretization of real tasks between the students, competences, training and new ways of perception about what it means to belong to an “organization”. The students involved in the workshops will be invited to present in their classes some of the knowledge acquired.

To Luís Roberto, Comunicatorium Co-Founder “The My Career 2016 is an event of excellence in the interaction and share of knowledge between the Academy and the Business World, which benefits the students in the development of their career plan and in the management of their future expectations”.