Comunicatorium invests in training

The internal communication as a mobilizing tool to answer the organization challenges

People Management and Business Communication - «Business to People»” is the theme of the first Comunicatorium workshop, communication company recently introduced to the market. This session, lasting a full day, is held on the 29th of September at the Hotel Royal Palace in Lisbon, with the support of APG - Portuguese Association of People Management.

Our goal is, with the communication model that we developed, to deepen the discussion of the importance of communication in business and people management” says Vera Norte, founder of Comunicatorium and session trainer.

Targeted to Managers, General Managers, Managing People and Communication Directors, Trainers and Consultants, this workshop aims to give a theoretical and practical contribution on the fundamental role that internal communication has had in recent times in mobilizing people, and in the future challenges of the organizations – “Business to People”.

Luís Roberto, founding partner of Comunicatorium and also a trainer in this session : “We are in the market with the mission to tell what we see as the strategic needs of organizational communication. We believe that training in communication and particularly "communication in managing people and business" are clearly a priority in times of change, and a challenge for companies that invest in the future.

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About Comunicatorium

Founded by Vera Norte and Luis Roberto, former Multinational Tetra Pak and BP communication responsibles, the Comunicatorium is the first player in the Portuguese market to provide a collection and analysis information technology platform, developed in partnership with the Aveiro University, which allows any organization a quickly and effectively developed strategy and an integrated communications plan.