Comunicatorium Announces New Partnerships

Following our partnership policy, we welcome the entry of two new partners in the comunicatorium space.White Brand Services and Epoch Multimedia.

The partnership with WHITE arises in a context of complementary services in order to better serve our clients.

To Filipa Montalvão, Partner Co-Founder, "The partnership with COMUNICATORIUM is a natural volution of the professional relationship that the agency has been developing over the last 2 years with this company and presents itself as an added value for our customers where we can bring even more value in the strategic consulting areas as well as in the marketing and communication valences."

About WHITE Brand Services

Founded in November 2006, the White Brand Services is a creative agency specialized in branding & design applied to the creation or brand management, monitoring and anticipating the concept evolution and trademark uses in organizations, preparing customers today for tomorrow's challenges. Throughout its 10 years of existence, the Agency was responsible for the development and
implementation of numerous brands and inúmeras marcas e eixos de comunicação.
A agência privilegia uma abordagem assente numa metodologia analítica, estratégica e criativa, desenvolvendo e implementando projetos de Branding, Campaign, Editorial e Events.

About Epoch Multimedia

Integrated in the Epoch Group, Epoch Multimedia was born in April 2001, focusing on IT and Web Development.
Throughout this period, Epoch Multimedia has accumulated IT Solutions competences with experience in auditing, design, planning, security and maintenance of computer systems and in the design and production of Web Solutions.
The partnership with Epoch Multimedia, an Epoch Group company was established with the goal of creating an area specialized in information technology and web development.
"For Comunicatorium, it is important to consolidate these partnerships, especially in areas where the know-how and expertise are differentiating factors".
For Epoch Multimedia, "The partnership with Comunicatorium is an essential step in the strategic reflection of communication, as a significant variable in the implementation of technological solutions."