Comunicatorium and CH Business Consulting Signed Partnership

A cooperation protocol was signed between the areas of communication and people management

Comunicatorium, the communications company that developed an innovative technology, and CH Business Consulting, people and organizations management specialist consultant, established a partnership. The two entities, with this association, started the cooperation in specialized services regarding communication and people management.

“What makes Comunicatorium different is the Technology, the Innovation and the Communication Management platform we offer to our partners. We are not, neither have claimed to be a communication agency” stated Vera Norte, co-founder of Comunicatorium“In this logic, our strategy is to establish partnerships with strategic, recognized and expert consultants, being CH Business a maximum consulting example regarding People Management” explains Luis Roberto, co-founder of the Company.

With this partnership CH Consulting's customers can now have access to the Comunicatorium platform and to specialized communication management services. In turn, the Comunicatorium members benefit from people management and corporate events organization skills.

“For CH Consulting this is a strategic partnership that we consider very positive towards increasing our value to customers. We operate in an integrated manner; with multidisciplinary teams and complementary services in order to have an excellent end result, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our customers” says António Henriques, Group CH CEO.

With this protocol, the CH Consulting joins the Portuguese Association of People Management and the Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication, with whom the Comunicatorium already have established a partnership this year.

About Comunicatorium

Founded by Vera Norte and Luis Roberto, former Multinational Tetra Pak and BP communication responsible, the Comunicatorium is the first player in the Portuguese market to provide a collection and analysis information technology platform, developed in partnership with the Aveiro University, which allows any organization a quickly and effectively developed strategy and an integrated communications plan.

About CH Group

It is the most important Portuguese Consultant Group, with operations worldwide and a global offering of integrated, multi sectorial and highly specialized services. Noteworthy is the winning consultant title, having over 90 national and international awards, and a portfolio of highly differentiated clients, operating from SMEs to the most prominent multinational companies. The CH group consists of five consulting companies working in order to offer customers integrated solutions. It comprises: CH Business Consulting, a specialist in People and Organizational Management Consulting; CH Academy, which invests in Training and Personnel Development; KWL, which works in the implementation of management systems; Monsters & Co., a Communication and Design Agency; Burocratik, a specialized Web Design and Branding firm.