Comunicatorium and AIDA promote session for businessmen

In a partnership established between Comunicatorium and AIDA – Aveiro Distrist Industrial Association, an event is held for businessmen to share experiences about the importance of innovation in an integrated communication management and the role of universities in building innovative solutions.

The event will take place on November 23, at 4.15 pm in the AIDA Building in Aveiro and will be part of the “Innovate to Communicate” events cycle, promoted by Comunicatorium.
For the first time to a broad audience the Comunicatorium Digital Platform will be presented.

The program includes a roundtable integrating different visions - Academy and Business - with multifaceted experiences that will certainly enrich the share of knowledge and discussion of the theme.

The debate will be moderated by Luís Roberto, Comunicatorium Co-founder.
Participants will be João Paulo Rocha, Cerealis Marketing and Sales Director, who will address the relationship between the building of a brand/company reputation and the integration of communication; José Paulo Rainho, Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering Department teacher, and AU Technology Transfer Unit coordinator, who will address the academic knowledge in the development of innovative business solutions; and Fernando Almeida from Micro I / O, who will highlight the connection between technology companies and universities.

Vera Norte, Comunicatorium Co-founder, will present the first digital tool allowing an integrated organizational communication vision, supporting the diagnostic, the strategy and the building and management of the communication plan: The Comunicatorium Platform.

Event photos: here