ASSOFT and Comunicatorium sign cooperation agreement

ASSOFT - Portuguese Software Association and Comunicatorium, communication consultant with special skills in the area of organizational communication, have established a collaboration protocol.

The objective is to promote the joint organization of seminars on communication, responding to the needs of the sector, and in the divulgation, provision of the services of strategic communication consultancy and competencies development to ASSOFT Associate Members, with special conditions.

"We believe that cooperation with ASSOFT is fundamental for the development of software companies in Portugal, and communication is a factor of strategic importance for the sector," says Luís Roberto, Partner-founder of Comunicatorium. "We want to continue to innovate and share the knowledge we have experienced over the years", explains Vera Norte, the company's co-founder.

Luís Sousa from ASSOFT, argues that the development strategy of the sector is necessarily forced by its position in terms of better communication. ”The software made in Portugal is already recognized as a product of excellence. The projection of the same in the international market brings us new challenges, in particular, in the level of strategic communication. This partnership intends to support our Associates in this domain. "